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Fostering Academic Excellence

Research and Resources

A series of investments will improve Loyola’s academic facilities and programs in order to create an environment that matches our students’ and faculty’s skills and ambitions. These investments will support initiatives that challenge students in the classroom and immerse them in experiential learning and empower faculty members in their laboratories and studios.

Center for Entrepreneurship
Loyola’s College of Business seeks to raise $3 million in philanthropic donations to create the Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development (CECD). This new center will answer the demands of students eager to enter the dynamic entrepreneurial field, of employers to hire graduates with skill sets attuned to growing businesses, and of emerging businesses in New Orleans that can benefit from support.

Undergraduate Research Endowments
As part of the Faith in the Future campaign, the College of Arts and Sciences (formerly known as the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences) will build endowments that enhance teaching and scholarship through support for student and faculty research, curriculum development, and extracurricular opportunities for student learning.

Center for Law Practice Readiness
The Loyola University New Orleans College of Law has made its priority for the Faith in the Future campaign the creation of the Center for Law Practice Readiness, which will help ensure Loyola graduates receive not only an outstanding Jesuit legal education but also the ability to thrive professionally, even in a tough job market.

Honors Program
The Honors Program Endowment created by gifts to the Faith in the Future campaign will support undergraduate research, collaborative scholarship, co-curricular activities, and faculty of the highest caliber.

Music and Fine Arts
As part of the Faith in the Future campaign, the College of Music and Fine Arts seeks philanthropic support to augment and enhance a set of carefully chosen priorities that will strengthen each aspect of the college and benefit all of its students.

Department of Design
With technology in such a rapid state of change, the Department of Art and Design seeks philanthropic support to create an environment with updated technology and design equipment that is essential for student-designers to flourish in print, interactive, and motion design.