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Extending Opportunities to Talented Students


Loyola University New Orleans is dedicated to delivering an inspiring, engaging student experience. Nowhere is this more evident than in our determination to attract a diverse and talented student body. Loyola seeks to secure $20 million in philanthropic support so that we can attract and enroll students with ability and determination, regardless of their financial standing. If Loyola hopes to graduate truly the best students, we must make resources available to moderate tuition costs and keep a Loyola education competitive for all exceptional students who can thrive at the university. The university seeks to raise $13 million for merit-based scholarships and $7 million for need-based scholarships. 

Loyola seeks to reduce financial barriers for students who aspire to earn a Jesuit education and Loyola degree. We want ambitious students with talents in academic disciplines, the arts, athletics, entrepreneurship, service, or other pursuits, and we want them to come ready to work hard but without undue burdens caused by financial pressures.

Our long tradition of providing merit- and need-based scholarship support is responsible for the many characteristics on which the university prides itself today. Our future in a very competitive higher education environment depends on our ability to be able to offer more scholarship support to our students.

Help Us Shape the Future of Scholarship Support

Loyola University New Orleans seeks $20 million in philan thropic investments to support scholarships for deserving Loyola students. The university seeks to raise $13 million for merit- based scholarships and $7 million for need-based scholarships.

Funds can be allocated, according to each donor’s wishes, to create endowed or immediate-use scholarships or support scholarship funds that already exi st. Donors have wide discretion as to guidelines that determine how their investments will be use d and which students will be eligible to receive support from their gift. Naming opportunities are available according to university guidelines.

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